About Us

How We Are

our combined experience includes years of raising dogs and cats, writing about them, saving them, educating them, falling in love with them and getting our hearts broken by them. So it’s no surprise that our websites have become the number one place for people seeking pet information.
A dedicated network of animal lovers has grown up around them as our websites developed. And it makes sense we partner with the pet industry’s biggest advertisers. We want to meet people with a passion for pets and we have them!

Make a difference

We are committed to helping adoptable animals and the rescue community at DogTime and CatTime. Besides supplying dog and cat owners with all the knowledge they need to live happily and healthily with their animals, we also attend and cover pet charity activities, shine a spotlight on prominent non-profit organizations that support dogs and cats and build a healthy pet community.
That’s our story and we can’t be any more proud or excited about it. What began with the concept of two educational websites developed into something far broader a welcoming, engaging, pet-loving culture and a network dedicated to creating a better life for the animals that followed.