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The world’s dogs can be divided into: small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs and the super large dogs.


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Small Dogs

Out of the small to medium dog breeds the first category is called the smallest dog. It refers to dogs that grow up to adulthood and weigh no more than four kilograms and are less than 25 centimeters tall. 

Their body is small and exquisite, especially loved by others, and is a treasure in the playing dogs. Also known as “sleeve dog” “pocket dog” Teddy, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Beijing Lion Dog , Shih Tzu, Labrador, Crested Dog , Tibetan Lion Dog , Small Manchester Dog , Foxhound , Welsh Corgi, Cocker Spaniels, Geber dogs, etc.

small to medium dog breeds

Medium Dog

Out of the small to medium dog breeds the 2nd category is called the medium dog’s breeds

which refers to those dogs who have body weight of 11-30 kg in weight and 41-60 cm in height when grown up. 

Medium-sized dogs, these dogs are naturally lively and have body hairs like sheep-like curls. They are the most loved ones, they have a wide range of activities, and they fight bravely and are often used for hunting. It is usually chained or closed. 

These type of dog are widely distributed, the largest number, and has the greatest effect on


There are medium-sized dogs and are popular with the following names

Shar Pei , Chow Chow , Kunming dog , Chaozhou dogs , bulldog , Kai Ken , Briard , Pyrenean Shepherd , boxing lion dogs , Weimar Lana dog , hunting dog blood , Boeing playing dogs.


Large dogs

Out of the small to medium dog breeds the 3rd category is called the large dogs, these dogs

refers to those adult dogs whose body weight ranges from 30-40 kg and whose height is

60-70 cm., big dogs are burly, untamed and brave. Often used as military dogs and

Police dogs. 

They have a profound friendship with humans and are loyal their masters. The requirements for breeding large dogs are very high and they are in the country especially military and police dog. 

Due to the strict selection of species, high elimination rates and high prices, they are generally cultivated in dedicated sectors. 

It is difficult to promote in ordinary families. Large dogs include: Japanese Akita dogs , British bloodhound dogs , Bulldogs , old English sheepdogs , German Rodriguez dogs , Du Bowen police dogs , Giant Shihchati , Alaska Snow Dogs , Dalmatians, etc.

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Super Large Dog

Out of the small to medium dog breeds the 4th category is called the super large dog.

Which refers to the dog breed whose body weight is more than 41 kilograms and whose height is more than 71 centimeters. It is the largest type of dog. The smaller number is used for work or serving in the military. Great Dane, Great Pyrenees , St. Bernard , Newfoundland,


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