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Rottweiler, One Of The Best Dog Breeds For Families

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Rottweiler is one of the best dog breeds for families. Almost everyone around the world has a fancy in rearing pets. Most of these people select dogs as their pets because dogs are very adorable, grateful, obedient, wise and playful creatures. So there is a huge demand for different dog breeds around the world. Therefore we are trying to bring you information about the best dog breeds that you could easily rear at your home. So our selection for the day is Rottweiler dogs.

Famous nicknames for Rottweilers

Rott and Rottie.

Rottweiler’s History.

Rottweiler is one of the oldest members of herding breeds. Their history runs back to the ruling era of the Roman Emperor. These dogs are very useful as guard dogs. They are descendants of the drove dogs. Rottweiler is famous as a very intelligent dog breed in comparison to all other famous and popular dog breeds. When Romans invaded Europe to conquer its land, the Romans travelled to European lands in large numbers. travelled in large numbers across the continent. Soldiers had to bring herds of cattle for their foods. It was driving dogs’ duty to go around these herds and to make sure that the cattle are together and safe.

However, people have used these dogs for the above purpose and according to the do documentary  records drove dogs has waved as guards for herds of cattle when people sold cattle in the market.

Rottweilers health and life span

Rottweilers are a breed of dogs, which are having a good immunity level and free from diseases. Their average life span is said to be around 8 to 10 years.

best dog breeds for families

The behaviour of Rottweilers.

Rottweilers are good-natured and fearless. They never make friends immediately. Rottweilers need time and a good study to decide whether he becomes a friend of someone or not

Rottweilers are people’s dogs, and they are loving and loyal to their families.  … They are okay with kids and other dogs, but still, need to be supervised.  Tip: A yard with a fence is better than a tent environment, they don’t have to be tied up or tied for long.

These creatures are very intelligent and always try to protect their family members. They never think twice to put their life at a risk to make sure that his family members and close ones are safe and protected. This is why Rottweilers are considered as the best dog breed to be reared in your family.

Average Weight of a grown-up Rottweiler.

A male Rottweiler weighs about 50–60 kgs and a female weighs about 35–48 kgs.

The average height of a grown-up Rottweiler.

The Average Height of a grown-up male Rottweiler ranges from 61–69 cms. The average female has a height of about 56 to 63 cm/0.56 to 0.63m.

best dog breeds for families

Colours of Rottweilers

These creatures are found in Black and tan or black and mahogany colours.

Origin of Rottweilers

Rottweiler’s origin is German. The females litter 10 to 12 puppies at a time.

Foods for your loving Rottweiler.

According to proven scientific facts, Rottweilers are the best dog breed that humans could rear. When we are rearing a Rottweiler, we have to focus our attention on its food as well. Below foods will suit your dog very much.

1. Chicken with bone and vegetables.

2. Beef, buffalo or elk with veggies 3 days per week.

3. Give him 3000mg of fish oil every day until he grows up well.

If you want to know more about the foods and recipes that suit your Rottweiler, just click on the below link. › best-Rottweiler-dog-food

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