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Top 5 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

best dogs for kids
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Best dog breeds for kids are those dog who have the best behavior especially with the kids and manners as how to accommodate and to live within the families.Dogs can teach kids responsibility, compassion, and cooperation — all while being the best playmates anyone could ask for. Before you adopt any pup, however, it’s always a good idea to research the best kind of dog breed for your children and lifestyle.


Best dog breeds for kids should have the following discipline.


Behavior Discipline

Scheduled timing, place, and food appliance.

best dog breeds for kids

Best dog breeds for kids like to eat things the most, and therefore it is necessary to train the

rules of eating; meals at the same time, the same place, the same food, it is for it to know that eating must be in this fixed place.

Those who can truly teach the good and bring them out to the outside will not casually feed the things on the roadside, and they will not steal what they eat on the table.

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Best dog breeds for kids should Sit down and wait for the food and should not impatient.

When giving food, first order it to sit down, and then put the food in front. If the dog want to

eat immediately, say “wait and see”. If the dog don’t listen to the person, grab the food and

then repeat it again.

After repeated implementation, if the Best dog breeds for kids have learned it well, you will say “OK” and let the dog start eating.

When the dog is not eating attentively

If the dog want to leave and play during the meal, bring it back and watch it until gently finish

eating. If the dog want to go and play, just grab the food and do it. After that, the dog will finish the meal in a certain period of time.

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Pampered Dogs

When the food given cannot be finished, do not mistake the dog for bad appetite and give

Something better than usual.

Afterwards, the original thing is no longer eaten. The partial eclipse of this kind of love should

come from the owner.

Responsible, if you are trapped, it will not be possible to breed a strong dog. When the family is dining, the dog will step on the table to ask for food.

This kind of action can be said to be the result of excessive love for the owner. Then it must be

severely reprimanded. “No” and patted his foot so hard that he would not dare to make such

unreasonable actions again.

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Those Dogs who bite or bite things can be said to be one of their instincts. If they are found,

they will reprimand the spot on the spot and give something that can be crunched or bitten.



This kind of action is also an instinct for Best dog breeds for kids, but it is very dangerous for young children, so

once found, an adult needs to hold the hand of a young child to caress the dog. If he is still

obsessed with the slapstick, he must be ordered to “wait” to stop it. Patiently implemented

many times

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Being pounced on the body is a happy way of expression. If you do not want it to continue to

fling again, you can first call it “sit down” and at the same time, you will be able to praise yourself for a little while.

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Implementation of corporal punishment

Although it is a corporal punishment, it can only be given a slight degree of pain, such as biting


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